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One Life Live it Well With Passion
About Us

To Promote and Improve Positive Attitudes, Behaviour, School Attendance, Tolerance of others and a Healthy Life Style of Young People in the Community.


  1. The development of quality inclusive primary and secondary provision with a particular focus on securing inclusive provision for children and young people who may be disaffected or at risk of discrimination. The BIZ will be used to educate those students on short/long term fixed exclusions. The BIZ will also provide a sustainable youth provision in the evenings and on Saturday for youths who may not ordinarily venture into fitness and will allow them to engage on a positive level with partner agencies, such as the Police.

  2. To expand on the development of ‘The Ultimate Contender’ at Jubilee International High School, which has become the Flagship Young People's Centre and Centre of Excellence for Inclusion for Behaviour and Attendance.

  3. To develop and promote a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) in order to change negative attitudes towards education, behaviour, attendance and the community.

  4. To negate hostile and unfriendly behaviour.

  5. To instil respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for society.

  6. To reduce child obesity, provide information and assistance with healthy lifestyle choices and empower children to take responsibility for their own development and that of others.

Features of Good Practice

  1. All students who attend will be CPR (Community Prevention Referrals) from Schools, Youth Justice and the Police, in addition children from the local community will be encouraged to attend the evening and weekend club.

  2. The work is to develop a new model for the delivery of Improved Attitude, Behaviour and Attendance for children and young people who may be disaffected or at risk of discrimination.

  3. Inclusion initiatives have been developed with partner agencies including statutory and voluntary organizations.

  4. Students taking responsibility for their education, health and social inclusion helping to create the structure of the classroom and gaining a more cohesive community attitude, including helping to establish rules and academic program.

  5. To encourage Healthy Eating through a daily balanced food intake which is nutritional with and will promote a Healthy Life Style.